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      Injection mould machine English | 中文
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      Name: Haijiang Sales Team
      Tel: +86-574-87994054
      Fax: +86-574-56877329
      Mobile: +86-18658255281
      E-mail: admin@taihong-machine.com
      Add: 707,Minghui Dasha 666#,Jinyulu,Yinzhou area, Ningbo city,China
      Skype: haiflymachinery
      QQ: 2692648818
      SKYPE: haiflymachinery QQ: 2692648818

      About Us

      Taihong Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer Localed in Ningbo City, Near Shanghai. It is a manufacturer Specialized for Injection moulding machineinjection mould and offer auxiliary equipment also 
       Injection moulding machine range: clamping force from 50tons to1000tons, infaction weight from 13356g.Machine series:
      A) Standard Injection Molding
      B) PVC injection molding machine;
      C) PET injection molding machine;
      D) Double Color injection machine;
      E) Full hydraulic injection molding ;
      F) All electric injection moulding machine; full injection molding machine;
      G) Energy saving injection moulding machine :
          (a) Variable Displacement pump injection machine (b) Servo motor injection molding 
       All our machine use famous brand component,say:Yuken /Vickers/Northman valve,Yuken/Vickers Pump,Omron/Schneider Switch,Porchesion computer,Valqua Seal;HNC Proportional Valve;Moot Proportinal liner

       Taihong Injection Molding Machine Features:
      Low noise electric motor;
      Low noise pump (gear pump);
      Fast response of 0.05 seconds;
      Low water consumption (because the system will not be pressurized into phases of the process);
      Low maintenance electrical and hydraulic;
      Power consumption reduction of up to 80% depending on the cycle, the machine begins to save energy when the the cycle exceeds 18seg;
      Accuracy in movement;
      Output control sensor for  flow and pressure;
      Servo Motor;
      Frequency inverter.  

      Taihong Injection Molding Machine Warranty: For a period of 24 (twenty four) months which covers the replacement and / or repair 

      any component that has a manufacturing defect and / or material.

      "Professional, remarkable quality, sincerely service" is our pursuance,we are so pleased to procide both superior products and perfect service for customers all over the world.

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